Student Lessons

There is little doubt among researchers teachers and parents that being exposed to music is part of a complete and enriched education. Music enhances the brains ability to learn. Just listening to music is only a small part of the experience. Students need to touch the instrument be part of what what creates the musical sound. Engaging in the all the parts of playing a musical instrument,  both in lessons and in school provide them a strong social and community base and help creat a positive and  fun discipline for learning. Typically students begin with the flute or violin or the trumpet and don’t often think that the harp can be just as easily accessible, maybe not at their school but after exploring the options here, you may discover that the harp is not out of reach and is available to explore with more ease and affordability that you might have thought

Whether you are a beginner, or you  would like to learn a second instrument, or just explore something that has been just an idea, you are welcome to talk with me about your interests and your goals.

Private lessons are available as part of the home studio in Dearborn. 1/2 hour, 45 min and 1 hour lessons. Most lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis.  Students will be required to purchase lesson materials, books and music. Participation in school musical ensembles, group classes and recitals is encouraged. 

Many students from this studio have gone on to continue their studies at Juilliard, Oberlin College, Harvard, Northwestern Univ., University of Michigan, Cornell Univ., Grinnell College and Wayne State Univ. 

They also frequently play with Detroit Metropolitan Harp Ensemble, Detroit Civic Symphony, and Metropolitan, Michigan, Livonia and Oakland Youth Orchestras, Michigan Youth Arts Festival and Michigan Honors Orchestra. 

Harp Rental

Harp are available for rental for beginning students short term, month to month or long term. Harps are also available for short term rental for special events, biding guest artists for concerts or special events. Harps available are full lever troubadour harps as well as Lyon Healy styles 15, 17 and 23. 

Pricing starts at $40 for lever harps and $125 for pedal harps.